Place Score Mainstreet PX Awards 2019 – Final chance to book your PX Assessment!

Your Mainstreet is the heart of your community- do you know how it is performing?

We will be announcing our 2019 Mainstreet PX Awards winner in less than a month. Do you think your street could do better than our last year’s winner whose  PX score was 77?

In 2019, we have already conducted 40+ assessments across the country and can compare your location to our national benchmarks.

You can read our last year’s Mainstreet PX Awards report

So, grab this final chance and get in touch with us if you would like to organise a PX Assessment not only to enrol into our 2019 Mainstreet PX Awards and but also to get some valuable insights into what makes your street good or not so good for its users.


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