Mainstreet Australia provides a collaborative force and voice  for traditional retail strips- main streets.

The character and success of a main street is largely built on the passion of independent business operators. Main streets are much more than just a collection of businesses providing goods and services. They serve as places to live, work and play and they are important meeting points for the community. In short retail strips are the glue that binds communities together.

Main street success relies on a complex range of economic, cultural, social and environmental factors. Factors that combine to challenge future prosperity. Retailing in Australia is undergoing one of the most profound periods of change in many decades and the impacts of the change will resonate throughout the community. Competition from hard top centres with large marketing budgets, booming CBD leisure and shopping destinations, growth in online retailing, the entry of international competitors, declining sales in real terms, an ageing population, increasing rentals and vacancy rates are all factors that demand a collaborative response for main streets to prosper, overcome issues and seize opportunities