Featured main streets:

Preston Central, Diamond Creek and Montmorency

Preston Central – High Street Preston

Preston Central is a vibrant business and community centre. Well known for the fresh food centre at the Preston Market, adjoining supermarkets and a plethora of multicultural eating houses, cafes and restaurants. Read more about their main street spotlight here. Preston street markets

Diamond Creek

The main street is set in the beautiful township of Diamond Creek, quite literally “where town and country meet’.  Many businesses have been trading in Diamond Creek for over 25 years and it is these businesses, and others that may not have been around quite as long, that make shopping an enjoyable experience. Welcome to Diamond Creek entry sign

Montmorency Village

Tucked away in the leafy Eastern outskirts of Melbourne is the lovely main street of Montmorency and better known to locals as “Monty” Artists on Were St – Opens Saturday 15h August and runs to 6th September 2015. Download the 2015 Annual Arts Showcase brochure for further details. monty artsist sign

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