Mainstreet Australia Research Project 2020:

The Importance of the economic and employment role of main street centres in Victoria.

Mainstreet Australia has commissioned a research project to provide statistics and information on the role that traditional main streets and town centres play in the Victorian economy. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the role is significant in terms of the numbers of businesses they host and the employment, goods, services and facilities they provide. Solid  research and statistics are however hard to find. The lack of current, empirical data reduces our capacity to understand the centres and advocate for investment in, and support for, the centres and their businesses by the private and public sectors.

Mainstreet previously looked into the issue in 2011. The current project will update this work and reflect the changes that have occurred over the last decade. Primary financial support for the project is being provided by Mainstreet Australia. Financial contributions have also been provided by the Victorian State Government Department of Small Business, Wyndham City Council, Boroondara City Council and the Swan Hill Inc.

The project will also identify trends and issues that the main streets are likely to face in the future, including COVID19. The project is being undertaken by economic consultants Geografia in collaboration with Tim Nott Economics. It is expected to be completed in August 2020. The findings will be available on the Mainstreet Website and through the other financial contributors. Updates on the research will be posted on the Mainstreet Website.

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