Steve Bentley President

Steve is the Manager of Vibrant City Centres at the City of Wyndham.
He has 17 years experience in place management, events management, small business support and marketing.
Prior to that Steve managed various businesses and facilities including recreation centres, caravan parks, livestock sale yards, community centres, golf courses and his own health club.
Steve is passionate about achieving the vibe in streets and town centres that supports small business to deliver excellent economic and community outcomes.
In his spare time Steve travels extensively and runs up tall buildings (inside on the stairs of course!).

Wendy Dinning Committee Member

Bruce White Committee Member

Bruce has 30 years professional experience in retail operations and knows what makes small business tick. Bruce was the inaugural President of the Sunshine Business Association and is actively involved in a range of activation programs including the Sunshine Short Film Festival.

Sarah Poole Committee Member

Sarah has an extensive background in arts, cultural and economic development. Sarah developed the award winning Active Spaces program with the City of Darebin and more recently the ‘Stolen Generations’ marker for Darebin. Sarah has recently established Thriving Places working with stakeholders to activate and retain vibrant main streets and communities. Sarah plays the ukulele in two groups and sings in the Prana Mob choir.

Stephen Sully

Stephen joined Brimbank City Council as General Manager, City Development in 2010. Prior to this, he was Director of Planning by Design. He has been a member of Mainstreet Australia committee for 9 years and served as Vice President from 2005 to 2010.

Nicole Maslin Executive Officer – Part time

Nicole has worked in local government in a variety of roles, including the past 20 years with Banyule City Council. In addition to being part of the Economic Development team at Banyule Nicole runs her own consultancy business, is a partner in a Bakers Delight franchise with her husband and provides part time Executive Officer support for Mainstreet Australia.

Cr Claude Ullin – Committee Member

Claude is a Councillor at Stonnington City Council, and has been a strong advocate on many issues including clearways. Claude also runs a gallery and previously had a successful advertising career of more than 25 years.

Jann Skinner – Committee Member

Jann works for Hume City Council in the area of retail and home based business. Prior to this, Jann worked in retail for 25 years, including owning and operating retail businesses in Carmel and Los Angeles, California.

Gary Cattran – Vice President

Gary is a marketing and economic development consultant with 25 years professional experience including Corporate Finance with Potter Warburg, State Manager of US firm Knight Ridder and Manager Economic Development at City of Yarra. He is a passionate advocate for main streets and believes a willingness to embrace emerging retail trends are a key to future success.

Cr Heather Marcus – Committee Member

Heather is a Councillor at Wyndham City Council, and has been extensively involved with local business development and successful events. In 2003, Heather was awarded Citizen of the Year and the Centenary Medal by Prime Minister John Howard.

Penny Jamieson – Committee Member

Penny Jamieson founder of Meandah Marketing Services has been involved with many of Melbourne’s main streets for over 21 years. Penny is passionate about the success and wellbeing of main streets and has joined Mainstreet in the hope of making a difference to the industry.

Paul Littman – Committee Member

Paul is the President of the Port Melbourne Business Association. Following a 25 year career in advertising and marketing Paul established the first chemical free, carbon neutral dry cleaning business in Australia.

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